BlogWorld Highlights Friday October 15th 2010

It’s been a great day at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in sunny Las Vegas, NV where 1000’s of exhibitors and attendees hang out and talk about the latest in digital mediums.  Of particular interest, we met several exciting companies ranging from eBooks to CPA networks. Below is a short recap on some of the exciting announcements and companies we met:

Borders Books Releases a New eBook Publishing Service in Conjunction with BookBrewer
We had the pleasure to meet with Kelly Peterson (eBook Manager for Borders Books) and Dan Pacheco (CEO of BookBrewer) that spoke to us about an exciting new service that will allow eBooks and Blogs to get easily published in newly distributed digital channels such as the Kindle and Nook.  Book publishers can choose from two affordable publishing packages starting at $89.99.  Service will be available on October25th.

CoTweet (by Exact Target) Exhibits its Robust Social Media Management Platform
A quick pass by the CoTweet booth (acquired by Exact Target) revealed a powerful enterprise social media management tool…and oh yeah, a free tee-shirt if said you loved their service @cotweet on Twitter.  Although the free teeshirt was a nice touch, under the hood of CoTweet is serious social media management tool for enterprises to manage all of their media with one tool, report on engagement/sentiment, and monitor your brand across all the major social media networks.  Meg Clark (pictured), provided a great demo on the power of their tool which conveniently also integrates with SalesForce.  More information can be found at

CPAWAY, a Cost Per Action Network for Publishers and Advertisers
Last, but certainly not least was CPAWAY’s cost per action network who’s roots go deep into the affiliate marketing world.  If you are new to CPA networks, these are great “no risk” channels that offer generous commissions to publishers and a no “cost per click” channel for advertisers.  Simply put, if you are looking to generate purchases or leads and only want to pay when those actions occur, CPA networks are for you.  Where many CPA networks require minimum spends or set up fee’s, Thomas Dietzel, President of CPAWAY, explained that their network is literally risk free with no upfront fees.  Cost per action does vary by industry, but the bottom line is that if you know your ROI of your products or services, this one really is a no brainer.  More information can be found at

That’s it for now, but we look forward to catching up in the near future.  Now off to the Aria Hotel for another BlogWorld party:)


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