In words of Einstein, “EDUCATION is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”


The global village today is in the grip of immense competition. The scenario today is that of a rat race, everybody running mad in order to fetch a position, a rank, a post, a stable platform. And this is taking a heavy toll on all of us, especially on the students of 21st century. In today’s world, there’s an unprecedented pressure on the student community, everyone wants 90% marks, each one wants ‘A ‘ grades, everybody wants to be a topper!


But an issue arises, “Is the marks system or the grading system necessary?? Do grades justify the intelligence of students? Can’t the marks/grades be done away with?” Some people argue saying that if evaluation system isn’t there; students won’t be serious and would be indifferent to studies. I believe they are correct but only to a certain extent. This is clearly indicated by the fact that there are still scores of students who don’t study when they are being evaluated in exams!


Further, is it true that marks or grades are true reflectors of a student’s intelligence? Einstein failed miserably in his school but later rose to be one of the most eminent physicists. There are many instances when an average student is more successful than a brainy one. What needs to be noted here is the trouble being faced by the students to score higher. Thousands of students have committed suicides in past three years owning to examination stress.


The trend of scoring higher has resulted in cramming and rote learning thereby degrading the quality of education. The need of the hour is to do away with this system. Let the children blossom in the estate of creativity. Let their dreams run wild. Let not this system cripple their originality. An educational system without grades or marks would definitely lead to a more genuine, conducive and comprehensible environment for students.












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