Get More Out of Your Blogger

With over 175,000 blogs being created every day and well over 50 million blogs already online, you may wonder about the value of blogging in such a huge market. Why blog when there is so much competition? Should you hire a blogger to run your business blog? Why invest time and money into marketing your blog?

Even with hundreds of thousands of blogs being created every week in a seemingly bloated market, search engines look at updated, useful blogs as very valuable content. If you create and maintain a valuable blog, you can attract the attention of search engines and bring in an endless supply of potential customers.

Why hire a blogger?
The problem many blogs face is they fail to stay updated. If you only post once a month, do you really expect customers to flock to your pages? Hiring a blogger to maintain a fresh flow of content can be invaluable, but only if s/he understands your company and your customers.

Get the Most Out of Your Blogger
Your bloggers words are the words that will be ringing in the ears of your customers. Make sure his/her message, tone, content is what you want your customers reading and make sure your blogger is reaching your target audience. One thing you can try is to set goals for your blogger to reach. For example, you might give him or her a goal of 5,000 RSS subscribers in one year. You might have him or her link to social sites and build your following. Creating challenges for your blogger can help ensure you’re getting the quality content you need to captivate your audience.

Importance of Useful, Updated, and Unique Content
Useful content can define web brands. Updated content keeps consumers interested. Unique content differentiates your business from others. These are all essential. Challenge your blogger to provide useful content that speaks to your customer and hits at the essence of your brand identity. But remember, you get what you pay for. Good content very rarely comes cheap.

If you want more value and professionals in your content, make sure you’re paying the right rate. But at the same time, don’t over pay for content that’s under performing. As with any advertising or marketing effort, you should get a return on your investment. It’s important to track your leads and the performance of your blog and make sure you’re happy with your ROI.

Get Creative
Inspiring creativity may sound secondary to what you pay. However, it’s just as important. You can challenge your blogger early by brainstorming with him or her. You can discuss where you want to go with the blog and what you’d like to accomplish, but it’s okay leave it open ended. If you’re paying a professional to handle your blog, they should have the marketing skills and know-how to accomplish your goals.

Get the most out of your blog and your blogger with clear marketing objectives and goals. With the right message, updated content and clearly defined objectives, you never know where your blog will take you.

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