HTC CEO Peter Chou Shows On A Rough 2012, Says 2013 “Won’t Be Too Bad”

There is really no other way to piece it — Taiwanese smart phone OEM HTC has had a difficult 2012. More than a few individuals have already assessed in on the business’s irregular 2012, but CEO Peter Chou lately talked to the Walls Road Publication to offer his take on the business’s difficult spot.

So what the hell occurred this year? According to Chou, problems in promotion were a big part of its poor season.

“Our opponents were too powerful and very practical, serving in a lot of cash into promotion. We have not done enough on the promotion front side.” This is hardly the first time HTC has held responsible its opponents for its poor yearly performance, but HTC’s flaws when it comes to growing an picture (any picture, really) cannot be moderate.

Meanwhile, bigger opponents like New samsung have proven no problems when it comes to tossing their promotion weight around — the organization absolutely compensated a top quality designing advertisements for the London, uk Olympic games and the Super Bowl, and often got energetic by jabbing at Apple organization line-sitters (sorry Romain). Apple organization has probably missing some of its shine with some of its latest ads, but really — individuals are going to buy Apple organization gewgaws regardless of what. HTC has already began to work on its promotion and understanding problems — it snagged itself a new CMO who formerly led Motorola Asia’s promotion initiatives,

It seems like an reason from Chou has become something of an yearly custom. Going into 2012, HTC placed some of its problems on its production – the organization pointedly exposed its objective to pare down the variety of mobile phones it would generate in support of less sized variety of “hero devices.” A fast look at the business’s phone profile reveals that they have done perfectly on that front side. The exclusive One sequence gadgets brought up a lot of eye-brows when they were formally exposed at MWC 2012 while more latest produces like the J Butterfly/Droid DNA confirm rather perfectly that HTC is still able of forcing the envelope of design as well as.

It’s accurately that capability to force envelope that Chou is financial on to turn things around, observing that “the most essential thing is to have exclusive products that entice customers.” Easier said than done, of course.

What seems most inquisitive to me here is Chou’s overall tone — he appears to be realistic almost to the point of being negative. Long time visitors may know that I’m usually very favorable on HTC and its hardware, but CEO Chou was very careful to couch himself when it came to his perspective on the new season. According to him, 2013 “will not be too bad,” and that the toughest “has probably passed” — is it just me, or are these fairly cooling terms coming from HTC’s head honcho? I see the advantages of cautious positive perspective, but absolutely a teensy bit of hubris could not harm to beat his workers into a innovation-centric frenzy?

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