OCRFlow Document Management Software – The Best Management Software For Enterprise

OCRFlow works in conjunction with PaperFlow and PaperVision Enterprise to provide text-based content search capabilities allowing users to quickly find any word among an unlimited range of documents.

Converting images to searchable text. It should be easier. It should be less expensive. With OCRFlow, it is.

OCRFlow works in conjunction with PaperFlow™. and PaperVision® Enterprise to provide text-based search capabilities. It allows a user to find any word among an unlimited range of documents.

OCRFlow DocOCRFlow Document Management Softwareument Management Software

Index-based searching is important and useful for most scanning projects, but it can also be time consuming and subject to human error. OCRFlow integrates the most precise Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines and intuitive quality control measures to guarantee that processed text is accurately recognized, with minimal operator intervention. Most importantly, OCRFlow saves you money through reduced manually-intensive indexing costs.

Document Management Software

Document Management Software

Full-text searches are particularly useful in finding specific words or wording in reams of documents. For instance attorneys can quickly and easily find references to a specific name, date, address or subject matter. Search results instantly identify all of the references and how they appear in the context of a sentence. The user can then go directly to the relevant page within the document. In addition, this full-text data can be further manipulated and shared across various applications, significantly reducing the need for editing and rewriting. A point-and-click user interface allows both inexperienced and advanced users to take advantage of the most powerful and accurate OCR technology available.

The Best Management Software For Enterprise

The Best Management Software For Enterprise

OCRFlow converts images to text while keeping fonts, graphics and their relative positioning on a page intact. The operator selects which documents within a project to recognize, or can choose to process all of the documents. Digitech Systems’ renowned simple, yet elegant, design allows operators of all experience levels to utilize the system with minimal training.

Enterprise management Software

Enterprise management Software

OCRFlow provides extensive quality control to aid in perfect translation of image data. Displaying the original image on the top half of the screen and the translated text on the bottom, OCRFlow automatically highlights questionable words and characters. It allows the operator to compare documents, make any changes and save the revisions.

Processed work can be exported back into the original PaperFlow data for full-text searching within PaperVision, or into a number of external file formats such as Adobe® PDF, HTML or Microsoft® Word, for use in corresponding secondary applications. Both processing and exporting can be automated to occur at any time, including during off-peak hours.

OCRFlow can read the details of your documents. It enables you to find the document you need from a single word or passage. It then helps you manipulate and distribute that information with ease. Easy in. Easy out. Money saved.

Converts scanned images to text.







Microsoft® Windows® 98/2000/ME/XP/7/8/10 or Windows NT® 4.0 (SP3) or higher
64MB Memory
65MB available disk space for installation of program files
VGA or higher resolution monitor
CD-ROM Drive

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