Samsung Galaxy Camera heads to Verizon with 4G LTE

The Galaxy Digital camera is one of the more exciting Android operating system gadgets to come out this year, but it’s been unique to AT&T since its launch on Nov 16. Now folks on Verizon are getting their own Galaxy Digital camera with an extra – 4G LTE.

The Brink reviews that a 4G LTE Galaxy Digital camera instantly revealed up on Samsung’s Web site without caution. The page seems to be a placeholder for now as it contains no cost or launch time frame verification. AT&T’s Galaxy Digital camera sold for $499, but only had 3G connection. It’s unidentified if the included 4G LTE connection will add onto the cost or not.

For those who are still unacquainted with Samsung’s new camera, the Galaxy Digital camera is a point-and-shoot photographic camera along with the power of the business’s leading Galaxy S III smart phone. The product is prepared with a 4.8-inch HD touchscreen technology and a 21x visual zoom capability. On the software side, it comes with Google’s first Jam Vegetable launch – Android operating system 4.1.

While we have no formal cost or launch time frame, it would be safe to believe that the Galaxy Digital camera will hit Verizon before the end of the period. A few more big vacation shopping vacations are coming up, and Verizon will not want to skip out on the potential sales that such a system could bring to the service provider. If it does skip the christmas period, I’d bet that an early Jan launch is in the guides.

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