Social Media and Content Marketing: Two Perfect Partners

Content has always been a very important part of marketing. You strive to create compelling content that will actually be read by your target audience. Marketing today can’t be complete with out social content. Put best by Sonia Simone of Copy Blogger, “Social media didn’t create content marketing, but it’s an unsurpassed tool for getting it distributed.” In other words, partnering content marketing with social media is one of the best available strategies for creating interest.

Partners in Effective Marketing 

Why do you need customers? That’s a more obvious question. If you want to sell to a buyer, you need a store front. Copy Blogger refers to this as your “Tribe,” the people who will be visiting and hopefully returning.  Obviously, when you’re conducting business online you need customers just as much as a brick-and-mortar establishment. But when no ones ever heard of you, getting customers to your door can be difficult.

That’s where social marketing comes into play, by allowing you to reach a customer base in the hundreds of millions. Facebook alone can increase your lead base by 300 million.

Content marketing works is because it allows you to reach buyers on many different levels. It creates brand awareness. Partnered with social media, you can create the relevant information needed to sell your products or services.

But social marketing does not always work. It’s rare you’ll have 10,000 fans on Facebook buying nothing, but without the correct content, that just might happen. Without relevant content to put behind your social media, you can have thousands of fans and followers and still sell nothing. The biggest mistake with social content is failing to understand your buyers.

Know Your Buyers

Content marketing and social marketing can both work when you actually put time and effort into knowing who is buying and why. Knowing who you are selling to and why people are buying from you can tell you a lot about your company: it may prove your product is valued, or your social marketing messaging is effective, or that you simply offer great customer service. It can help you grow your customer base, figure out who else to sell to and how to best position your product.

Content marketing partnered with social media is not a ground breaking idea. It’s a logical one. It allows you to better understand who is buying, why they are buying, and how you can sell even more.

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